Get Rid of Acne: 10 Easy and Natural Ways

Get Rid Of Acne: 10 Easy And Natural Ways
Get Rid Of Acne: 10 Easy And Natural Ways

Are you looking for acne solutions that really work? The good news is, whether you’re a teenager or an adult suffering from acne, you don’t have to live with it. Here you can find 10 super easy and effective ways to get rid of acne.

1. Do not pick, press, or rub your pimples. These actions actually increase sebum production and rupture the membranes below your skin. The infection and sebum will spread underneath your skin and cause more pimples. Also, you risk increasing the chances of leaving scars on your face.

2. Wash your face twice a day using a mild soup. It is even better if you can buy sulfur-based soap, especially for acne. If your skin is too oily, use a soap with benzoyl peroxide. Do not use rough sponges, brushes, or anything similar on your face. You shouldn’t, however, over-wash your face because it will actually stimulate your sebaceous glands to produce more sebum which will increase your acne.

3. Check if it is because of the food. For many people, food allergies can cause very serious acne conditions. You should avoid eating too much oily and spicy food. Recent studies have shown that acne can also be caused by milk which contains hormones as well as seafood with relatively high levels of iodine. If possible, cut down on those foods. Other foods you may consider avoiding are sugar, dairy products, deep-fried food, meat, nut butter, etc. On the other hand, it is believed that green vegetables, vegetable juices and foods rich in zinc can help alleviate acne conditions.

4. Drink more water every day. “Eight glasses of water a day can keep acne away,” says Jennifer Thoden, a respected acne expert. The reason is that water can carry waste material out of our body and it really helps heal and prevent acne flare-ups.

5. Do not wear makeup if possible. Makeup products can clog your pores, cause more blackheads and pimples. If you have to wear makeup, make sure it is water-based. Be sure to clean your makeup brushes regularly and cleanse your skin before you sleep.

6. Do not use oily products. Avoid products such as hair pomades, intense oil-based facial moisturizers, and oily cleansers.

7. Keep your face clean. Do not rest your chin on your hands or constantly touch your face. Regular shampoo your hair and keep it off your face, especially when you sleep.

8. Exercise moderately as it helps in blood circulation and the elimination of toxins.

9. Stay stress-free. Studies have shown that stress not only worsens acne flare-ups, it also worsens the overall skin condition. Talk to your friends, listen to your favorite music, or take a walk in the park. There are many things you can do to be stress-free.

10. Get Sunshine and fresh air. Sunshine stimulates vitamin D in the body, an essential vitamin for healthy skin. Fresh air and sunshine can also reduce stress (tip #9) and increase oxygen to the skin. Don’t get burnt in the sun though. Burnt and heavily tanned skin forms a layer on the skin that doesn’t exfoliate quickly enough and can lead to blocked pores.

Natural Acne Treatments Work Well -But Not for Everyone!

Some natural acne treatments work better than others. And some not at all. Each case is different, but it just might be worthwhile to try a natural way first.

I have come across many interesting suggestions during the search for a natural acne treatment that really works. Some of the ideas are really viable options that can be easily carried out while others do not make much sense at all.

Many believe that a person’s complexion depends on his diet and this is probably true to some extent. One of the suggestions for a natural acne treatment was to skip breakfast.

This comes as a big surprise because it goes against everything we are taught about breakfast and good nutrition. We all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. We are constantly reminded of that. Many researchers suggest that breakfast actually helps us burn calories throughout the day.

Skipping breakfast as a natural acne treatment seems a little radical, but there is a lucid argument for using this technique for keeping clear skin.

Breakfast is not really the problem. The problem is the individual’s diet in general. Your body needs to cleanse itself of what you ate the previous day. Of course, many of us know that the term breakfast comes from break the fast. We fast every night during our sleep. The act of fasting is a natural acne treatment because it cleanses the body of toxins that may wind up on our faces.

The radical anti-breakfast group suggests that we shouldn’t break the fast first thing in the morning. Drinking a glass of water for breakfast is a natural acne treatment that helps the body flush out the bad stuff that we wind up wearing on our faces as pimples. Supporters of this natural acne treatment suggest that no food should be ingested until noon. The only thing you should ingest is water.

This approach seems a little too extreme for me, but it may be something that someone with severe acne would want to consider. I have skipped many breakfasts over the years to drop a pound or two. If you don’t get up until eleven in the morning, the fast won’t seem as bad. Unfortunately, many of us have to get up in the morning and those hours can be very hard on an empty stomach.

The endorsers of this natural acne treatment swear that you will notice results in a few days. That is if you don’t faint. I guess that it all boils down to how important it really is to you. Using fasting as a natural acne treatment may seem like a small price to pay for someone who has a severe acne problem.

Many individuals are so focused on dealing with their current pimples that they forget the most important step, which is prevention.

In this day and age, there is no reason why any and all of us can’t properly battle acne breakouts. With the World-Wide-Web at our fingertips, there are always a plethora of acne tips to aid us. What are you cleansing your mug with?

This is an important factor in staying oil and dirt-free, hence preventing new breakouts. You need a gentle cleanser such as Purpose that will wash away the bad stuff, but not strip your skin dry in the process. The last thing you need is dry skin. This can actually stir more breakouts.

Other acne tips to live by are: always shower with tepid water in order to avoid over-drying, always change your pillowcase each night before bed, only use a moisturizer on areas that are dry, and use a topical medication on your skin after cleansing if your acne dilemma calls for it.

And remember, not all acne is the same. Always keep open the option that you will consult with a dermatologist about your specific case. Some cases are more stubborn than others and a dermatologist may be the answer to resolving your particular symptoms quickly and effectively.

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