Causes of Acne and Best Modern Treatment

Causes Of Acne And Best Modern Treatment
Causes Of Acne And Best Modern Treatment

Causes of acne are induced by a natural secretion of follicles under Your skin and they can’t get out easily, remain under the skin’s uppermost layer.

And what a mess they could make; it’s what you see on the faces and necks of those who are afflicted with acne. In the event you want to avoid the condition, a good rule of thumb is – live clean.

If the follicle opening on your skin is completely blocked by dirt and fat, you can acquire a pretty mean case of acne. If this is how the illness came upon you, you can remedy it by quickly cleaning up that part of the skin and doing it all of the time.

Nonetheless, some folks suffer acne simply because they inherited it from their families or as a result of an internal situation. In such individuals, the illness could necessitate a bit more extra effort than just cleaning up.

Acne doesn’t ever feel good on everybody

On some people, it grows only on their faces, but other folks endure the condition on their necks as well as shoulders also.

Brought on by the bloating of sebaceous glands basically beneath the surface of the skin, you seem to wonder how different individuals are from each other.

Also worthy of note is the fact that while some folks suffer from it only for a couple of years, other folks are more likely to exist with it for the greater portion of their lives.

This is a little something you do not have to hear every single day:

Acne has been around since the age of the Historic Roman Empire! Surprised? Right here is one more: it goes further back to the time of the Pharaohs.

Information that suggests as a point in fact that there have been Pharaohs who themselves suffered from the condition and directed their subjects to find cures or face death. Boy, am I happy I didn’t live in those days!

Whatever acne cures they supposed that they may have encountered back then undoubtedly were not able to have been a permanent one, mainly because here we are at this time still fighting with the same condition.

You perhaps have never heard about acne climacteric. Very well, it has to be since you haven’t been paying a lot of attention to your environments. It takes place all the time to individuals around you – ladies who have reached the menopausal stage in their lives.

That is generally about the same time as they begin to undergo hair thinning, hot flashes, thin skin, wrinkles, and vaginal dryness. Additionally, it’s about the moment that they suffer osteopenia and/or osteoporosis. So now you understand that you should have been observing it, don’t you?

Acne – Do Miracle Cures Work?

Acne is a frustrating condition. It takes quite some time to resolve and by the time one pimple resolves, one may get another. That frustrates us more. Daily application of formulations that seem not to work makes us look for cures that may be quicker.

Sunshine, application of toothpaste, essential oils, etc. are all taken as quick treatments. Before you get taken in by any of such treatments, please read further.

Acne – Why do Many of Us Look For Miracle Cures?

The main reason that many of us look for miracle cures for acne is that we can not tolerate acne. If it is severe, we want to get rid of it immediately. It makes us feel very bad. Our confidence is affected because of acne.

Modern medicine has proven acne therapy but all of them take weeks to show effect.

That frustrates us and we want a quick cure. This makes us look for miracle cures. If you have an important function to attend to and are affected by acne, please consult your doctor about steroid injection.

Asteroid injection in the acne can dry it within few days.

Acne – is there anything wrong with modern medicine?

There is nothing wrong with modern medicine for acne except the time. We want that our acne should resolve as early as possible. All medicines take time. Benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, retinoids, etc. all take time to treat acne.

Many of us have no patience and that is how we get trapped to use other methods.

These methods do not work because there is no scientific finding that says that they can. But in the process, we lose precious time and spoil our looks further. Please get acne treated by your doctor and have patience. Even the severest form of acne has proven treatment.

Best Acne Treatments – The Professional Choices

There are several products that a person can consider as the best acne treatment. However, the best acne treatment for an individual could not be the ideal one for another person. This is because the skin type of each individual differs from the other.

And the best acne treatment is determined by the type of skin a person has and the skin reaction to that treatment. The best acne treatment could also range from traditional herbal acne remedies to modern medicines like acne light treatment which are proved to offer better results.

Before determining which is the best acne treatment one needs to assess the level of toxicity in the acne treatment product. A low level of toxicity means there is less health risk involved in it.

Here are some of the best acne treatments which have been tested and contain only a low level of toxicity.

Australian Tea Tree Oil is considered one of the best acne treatments. Using this product is quite easy – what you need is to add one or two drops of the product and apply it to the affected area. Several acne patients have reported that the product provides the best results.

Desert Essence Blemish Touch Stick with Eco-Harvest Tea Tree Oil is also reported to be a professional choice for acne treatments. The product comprises grain alcohol, Witch Hazel Extract, and several types of extracted oils (Blue Chamomile, Eco-harvest Tea Tree Oil, Rosemary, etc). The product is also simple to use – just apply it to the blemishes and to even other skin irritations five to six times daily.

Burt’s Herbal Blemish Stick with Tea Tree Oil is also rated as one of the best acne treatments. The product can be applied to the affected area several times daily.

Tail Piece these are only some recommendations of the best acne treatment products available in the market. As mentioned earlier, the best acne treatment differs from one person to the other according to his/her sin type.

Best Acne Treatments for Teenagers

Teenagers have much concerned about acne. Here are the best way of curing acne.

There are several criteria for acne treatments for teenagers. Number one – they must have a high rate of success. Two, they should be simple to use. And number three, they must be safe for your skin, preferably good for sensitive skin.

Preferably, they should also be fast-acting and low cost. Teens and parents should not have to spend hundreds on dermatologists and facial peels.

The first step

Is an antimicrobial wash that gets rid of 99.9% of all bacteria on the skin’s surface for up to 12 hours.

This reduces the chance for infection to occur, and many people using his system have found that even if they were on oral antibiotics or Accutane that this alone was able to help prevent future acne outbreaks. This cleanser is also excellent for removing dirt and oily deposits on the skin.

The next step

Is a topical medication designed to encourage the skin’s natural process of exfoliation? This treatment contains salicylic acid and lactic acid, which remove dead skin cells and oily plugs from the sebaceous glands to prevent acne by unclogging pores.

Lactic acid encourages the growth of new collagen and elastin, whilst restoring the skin’s natural PH balance.

This acne treatment for teenagers system has been used by people with all types of acne from mild to severe cystic acne.

It is 100% effective on people with Grades 1 & 2 acne, 80-90% successful with Grades 3 acne, and very effective in controlling new breakouts with Grade 4 acne sufferers.

Users on prescription medications like Accutane were able to cut back on their dosage or stop using it altogether.

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