Acne Facts And Fictions: Don’t Believe These Acne Myths

Acne Facts And Fictions Don’t Believe These Acne Myths
Acne Facts And Fictions: Don’t Believe These Acne Myths

Acne can attack simply about anyone, however, it includes a preference for individuals who are simply turning into the puberty phase of their lives. When it gets to your neck and back, you know you have serious problems to live and deal with.

There are ways to cure it – or at least attempt to – but not they have been proven to work. But, knowing what the condition can do to you, you might simply like to read up and try them on anyway.

It is not common to see acne on the faces as well as the skin of people that are above the age of fifty; the fact is it isn’t common to notice it on anyone older than 35. Most sufferers suffer the condition when they are still young and coming of age.

People who suffer it into their middle-age years and above are outliers – abnormal occurrences.

If the hair follicle opening on your skin is blocked by dirt and grease, you could acquire a relatively mean occurrence of acne. If that is how the illness happened to you, you could certainly treat it by simply cleansing that part of the skin and doing it all the time.

Unfortunately, some individuals suffer from acne simply because they inherited it from their families or as a result of an internal situation. In such individuals, the affliction can necessitate a little additional effort than simply cleaning up.

Folks have always suffered from pimples since as far as in history as you don’t want to even think. Instead of feeling singled out by the illness for your sins or those of your fathers, you can feel pride at such an affinity with great ancestral figures.

That is important due to the fact the way you think about the condition will help in the treatment process. Instead of being depressed about your acne, you need to be in the right frame of mind to battle and remedy it.

Understanding all you could regarding a situation is certainly a substance to solving the problem. Even if it is an issue that does not currently have an internationally established cure, at the least what you discover could lead you on the road to something much greater, like discovering “your own cure”- anything that should do the trick for you. In basic terms, learn what you could about acne, and then face up to it.

Don’t Believe These 10 Myths

There are many allegations as to the causes of acne. As technology and science help us find the actual roots, we can dispel many of the misconceptions surrounding acne. However, the myths persist. Here are some more commonly known myths:

Myth 1: Acne is caused by poor hygiene.

Lack of cleanliness is not the reason for acne. There are skin infections associated with acne due to a mixture of sebum and dead cells that lie beneath the surface of the skin. Although gentle cleansing of the skin with soap and water once or twice a day will assist in keeping the skin as healthy as possible, it is ineffective in clearing away skin infections. Take care not to scrub too hard as this could further aggravate acne.

Myth 2: Grease and Chocolate will cause acne.

People have believed for years that eating chocolate will cause pimples. There is no scientific proof for this – studies have shown no direct relationship between consuming chocolate and acne breakouts. This is also true of other foods like potato chips and French fries. Eating too much of these types of food is, however, unhealthy, and advisable to eat in moderation.

Note: Although chocolate and greasy foods do not cause acne, some foods DO seem to exacerbate it. Milk and foods high in iodine (as found in seafood) seem to aggravate acne.

Myth 3: Sex is directly linked to acne.

Everything from masturbation to celibacy has been blamed for acne. This again is false. Although there is a link between hormone levels and sexual activity, it is unclear what the link between sex and levels of sebum (causing acne.) Emotions and stress also affect hormone levels.

Myth 4: You will grow out of acne.

Acne may last a matter of weeks or as long as several years. There is no need to try to live with it when there are so many over-the-counter treatments available to anyone suffering from the discomfort and embarrassment of acne. Dermatologists are also easily accessible for more severe cases.

Myth 5: Acne only affects teenagers.

Although 85% of adolescents experience acne, adults are susceptible to suffering from acne when they are in their 30s or 40s.

Myth 6: Acne is only a superficial condition.

Due to the severity of physical disfigurement acne leads to psychological stress. There are strong links to depression, social withdrawal and low self-esteem.

Myth 7: Popping/Squeezing pimples will get rid of them faster.

This may actually aggravate acne by spreading the bacteria which is causing it! Squeezing pimples can also lead to permanent scarring.

Myth 8: Sun exposure will help clear up acne.

Although short-term effects of the sun seem to dry out excess oils, the skin quickly adapts to sun exposure. This eliminates long-term benefits from sun exposure and increases the potential for skin damage and cancer.

Myth 9: Wearing makeup causes acne.

Healthy skin is the best way to avoid acne. Because some makeups can clog pores, acne can in fact result. Cosmetics have flooded the market with labels indicating they are noncomedogenic or nonacnegenic, which means they will not cause acne. These brands of makeup are safe to use. Some actually include ingredients that help treat acne.

Myth 10: Using more acne medication will treat the condition quicker.

Excess use of ointments may actually irritate the skin, worsening the condition. Oral medications can be dangerous to your overall health. Always use medications as directed.

Refute Acne Myths & Proceed Towards Acne Free Life!

Certain precautions need to become part of your life before this myth becomes a reality! The required precautions are:

  • Avoid tight clothes, especially during summertime. They are known to cause body acne by trapping sweat.
  • Use a sun-blocker by wearing a hat.
  • Dab the face dry carefully.
  • Use makeup that does not clog pores.
  • Thoroughly understand the nature and practical use of the soaps, lotions, gels, creams that you are using. Don’t get carried away by high-flown advertisements. The models get well-paid for their job, but let it be not at your cost.
  • Try to cure your acne condition naturally. Think well, what works for you and what does not.
  • It is not our nostrils alone, the skin also breathes, with millions of pores in it all over the body. Now, do you say body hygiene about acne is a myth? Researchers in the not too distant future may come out with facts, that this myth is also a myth! Be in the know-how; the affirmation and refutation in the scientific circles, all with proofs relevant to that period time, was going on, is going on, and will go on!
  • You must protect your skin from forming new bacteria that cause the breakouts. Use benzoyl peroxide to penetrate pores.
  • Don’t pick your skin because it can cause bacteria to go deeper into the skin.
  • Eat plenty of fruits and seasonal vegetables.
  • Exercise regularly.

The facial topography of every person is different, so of the skin. Give it the proper regimen so that it can live a ’smooth life’ without bothering you, the person. Never hesitate to meet your dermatologist, if you have the slightest doubt that it is changing its true color!

More Some Facts and Myths

The truth is acne is part of growing. The acne pimples are part of the skin forming like wounds and cysts that occur as part of the changes a kid experiences in the process of puberty.

More most common myths about acne that teenagers believe and the facts that oppose these ideas:

Washing the face many times
Many believe that the more they wash their face the lesser pimples they get. This isn’t proper, this is called over washing. In fact, complications may result from overdoing the routine since it will irritate the skin due to the use of harsh soaps.

Acne occurs as a result of some foul changes such as dead skin cells inside the skin and doing something harsh on the surface of the skin wouldn’t make a difference. It is good to wash the face regularly but it must be done gently using a cleanser or mild soap. The number of washes should not exceed two times a day.

Popping the pimple/s
Some people just can’t wait for their pimples to vanish so they choose to pop it out. By doing this, the skin becomes vulnerable to infection, scarring, and even more pimples due to the bacteria that gets into the skin while popping the acne pimples out.

Tanning for acne treatment
Sunlight kills skin bacteria but it doesn’t mean that it is an alternative for treating acne pimples. In fact, if skin cells die out and result in dried skin then the skin produces more oil which is one of the factors that cause pimples.

Diet is one factor for getting acne
Chocolate, coffee, oil, and sugar among many foods people eat do not, in any way, cause acne. No type of diet can cure acne but a healthy lifestyle can certainly avoid infections caused by pimples. Some foods were actually proven to exacerbate acne only in cases of allergy but never were it proven to be the main cause.

Long hair complicates acne
The cause of acne is bacteria and if the person’s hair is long and is not cleaned properly then it will definitely complicate acne.

Girls are more susceptible to having acne than boys
Acne is commonly present among boys due to the male hormone called androgen which is dominant.
The most disturbing myth about acne is it’s being contagious. People don’t have to fear friends who have acne because the bacteria that cause acne are basically contained by the skin and not on the surface.

Acne is disturbing for growing individuals but it would become less disturbing if kids and teenagers know the facts and not the side lies.

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